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Use this URL ( in your browser. When you click on the selected link, the video will be opened in the YouTube app. (Note: the YouTube app is required to view 360 degree videos.) Once the video is up & running you can rotate your phone in all directions to observe the underwater environment just as the divers did when they collected the imagery. Don't forget to look behind you.

Desktop or Laptop Computer


Review the VR videos listed below ( When you click on a selected link from the table, the video will open in YouTube. Once the video is up & running you can turn in all directions using the 'w' (up), 's' (down), 'a' (left), and 'd' (right) keys on your keyboard. You can also use your computer mouse to swipe around the underwater scene.


VR Headset


Videos are hosted on the YouTube channel of the 'California Undersea Imagery Archive'. If you are prompted to choose a projection, select "Monoscopic 360". Controls may vary between headset models. Open the YouTube VR app in your headset. Type 'California Undersea Imagery Archive' into the search window. A number of videos will appear in the library. Navigate to the 'IMMERSION! 360 Videos' playlist. The VR videos are indicated by a '360' in the upper left corner.

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