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Chris Black has spent two decades searching for answers deep within the world’s oceans and is no stranger to the risks of undersea life. Alongside Mac Johnson, his childhood friend and former Navy SEAL, Chris has cheated death above and below the ocean’s surface more times than he can count. But nothing has prepared him for the violence he and his team encounter in their own backyard of Carmel-by-the-Sea; violence which will change the team forever. When Black and Johnson, while studying a deep undersea canyon, discover barrels of toxic waste piled on the seafloor, they immediately grasp the danger to the environment. But they are slower to recognize the danger their discovery poses for their friends and families

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In the waning days of South Africa’s Apartheid, a nefarious group of government officials loaded a fishing vessel with thousands of gold krugerrands. Departing in a violent storm, the vessel was never seen again. Nearly thirty years later, Chris Black, still recovering from the events of Into A Canyon Deep, has come to Cape Town to assist with the exploration of a marine protected area in False Bay. Though seeking respite, once again Black will find himself immersed in violent intrigue with the highest stakes imaginable. As the violence escalates, Black will find support on many fronts, some familiar, some less so.