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Not all secrets are buried deep. . .enough.


Returning from a research dive off the coast of picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea, marine biologist Chris Black is attacked while walking to his car. No stranger to physical

altercations, Chris is easily able to defend himself and hold one of his assailants captive.

He learns that the goon has been sent to intimidate him: Stop diving or else… Not one to respond well to threats, Chris and his childhood friends Mac Johnson, a former Navy

SEAL, and Jase Hamilton, investigator with the Monterey County Sheriff, dive a little

deeper. What is it that Chris and his graduate students might have seen on the ocean

floor? Is it related to the body that washed up ashore? And how does whatever might be buried under the sea connect to the rich and famous who exude influence over Chris

Black’s research projects by funding them?


When things hit close to home and his girlfriend and mother are threatened, Chris Black strikes back.

BLOOD COLD (Chris Black Adventure #2) 
Coming in September 2020!

The legacy of a failed regime reaches up from the deep.


Traveling deep into the southern hemisphere to support a diving project off

the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, marine biologist Chris Black planned to

spend six months focused purely on scientific research. But a stunning

undersea discovery at the False Bay study site brings Chris once again into

direct contact with a consortium of evildoers who will stop at nothing to

achieve their goal. Drawing on the support of his friend and colleague, Mac

Johnson, Chris will also find help from a mysterious employee of the US

embassy who seems to know much more than he will admit. As the violence

escalates, it will become clear that someone among Chris’ colleagues is

providing critical information to the criminals. Who is the inside man? Or is it

an inside woman? And what is their motivation?


From killer sharks and sabotaged SCUBA gear to underwater explosions,

Chris and this team will be tested like never before, culminating in a violent

showdown that not everyone will survive.

DMS draft cover.jpg
Dead Men's Silence (Chris Black Adventure #3) 
Coming in October 2020!

When pirates ask for ransom, Chris Black answers.

En route to the Galapagos Islands for a deep-sea diving trip with a group of international college students under his care, marine biologist Chris Black leaves his research vessel for a single night to enjoy dinner with friends. When he returns, the ship has vanished. With crew and passengers on board. Modern-day pirates hijacked the boat, hoping to collect a lucrative ransom.  Amidst the storm of the century, indomitable Chris Black chases the pirates from island to island, fighting back to save the students under his care in a battle royal aboard the pirates’ mysterious flagship. 

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